Our Ulrich Lemmens' Pigeons

BE-6087309-06, "DeGust" "DeGust" is one of the best proven breeders in the world today.
He won:
• 1st Provincial vs 2,009 pigeons Bourges
• 7th National vs 15,877 pigeons
• 16th National vs 11,995 pigeons
The sire of several national winners, and many provincial winners. His children are breeding national winners and one loft race winners.

BE-6100739-14, son of “DeGust" BE-6100739-14, son of Ulrich Lemmen's world class breeder “DeGust” Purchased directly from Ulrich.
• IF-16-LCM-2614 (3rd) place winner 300 mile MM Bond Race, 749 birds, 42 lofts. Only 10 day birds, flying 10 hours.
• IF-16-WTCM-756 (2nd) place winner 150 mile Perth Amboy Race, 653 birds, 21 lofts.
• IF-16-WTCM-756 she was also 26th place 400 mile Big East Race, 441 birds, 21 lofts.
• IF-17-WTCM-4027 (4th) place winner 400 mile “Big East Race” Headwinds, 10hr. 40 min. Clocked in the dark!

BE-6191551-08, “Peter’s Best” BE-6191551-08, "Peter's Best", who is also proving to be a great breeder. He is a brother to "DeGust".
He bred for Ulrich: BE-6100593-08 “New William”, 2nd National Ace Pigeon of Belgium 2014. BE-5166335-10 “Olympic Gust” 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2013, 2nd Olympic Pigeon Brno Cat. A 2013, 7th National Ace Pigeon PigeonSprint 2013, 5x 1st Prize.

BE-6032697-12, son of “Peter’s Best” BE-6032697-12 Son of “Peter’s Best”, purchased directly from Ulrich. In his first year breeding he is the sire of:
• IF-14-WTCM-1607 3rd place winner in 350-mile World Trade Center Memorial Race.
• IF-14-WTCM-1613 23rd place in 350-mile World Trade Center Memorial Race.
• 29th place in 350 mile Coast to Coast Race, against 1804 pigeons, 97 lofts.
• 4th place 300-mile Queens NY Three Bird Derby Race.
• BE-12-6032697 is also the Grandfather to 15-BSC-3854 (2nd place) winner in the 350-mile Coast to Coast Race 2015
• Grandfather to 16-LCM-2619 (3rd) place 400 Mile Big East Race

BE-6234454-10, “Julia” This is Ulrich Favorite hen, one of his very best!
• 1st Ace Pigeon, Long Distance 2011
• 3rd National Ace Pigeon, I.D. Duivenkrant 2011
• 5th Ace Pigeon, I.D. Union Antwerp 2011
• 6th Provincial Ace Pigeon, FC Antwerp, L.D. 201296, National Bourges 20,646 pigeons 500km
Julia is also mother to B-14-6031447 "Thriller", who was:
• 2nd Ace Pigeon All Around MFC 2014 Tours 530km
• 3rd National 4039 pigeons
• 1st Provincial Winner

BE-6071769-16 "Mister Thibaulth”, son of “Julia”BE-6071769-16, "Mister Thibaulth", Purchased directly from Ulrich Lemmen's.
"Mister Thibaulth” is son of “Julia” who's inbred to “DeGust”. Julia is a daughter of “De Gust”s son “Broken” (BE-09-6086349), and “Irana Shayk” (BE-08-6191473).

BE-6222485-15 "Child Thriller”BBE 6222485-15 Direct Daughter of “Thriller” x Sister to “Gust” Purchased directly from Ulrich Lemmen's.
• Halfsister 1st Provincial Chalon
• Half Sister 4th National Ace Pigeon
• Grandchild “Julia” Ulrich’s “Best Hen Ever”

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