Winning the $30K World Trade Center Memorial Race

World Trade Center Memorial Race

"The pigeons must think and break on their own to be competitive in this race."

Quality pigeons are not by accident; neither is winning the 350 mile World Trade Center Memorial Race. I was 1st and 3rd in 2014. The winning pigeon 14 WTCM-4106 is bred from one of my best (Einstein) WTCM-4879, who was the Second Place Winner in the 2013 (350) mile WTCM Race.

The 3rd Place Winner’s Sire is: BE 12-6032697 imported directly from Ulrich Lemmens. In fact, his Sire BE-08-6191551 (“Peter’s Best”) is a brother to Ulrich’s World Class Breeder “De Gust”. “Peter’s Best” is already proving to be a great breeder in his own right having bred for Ulrich “New William” 2nd National Ace Pigeon of Belgium 2014.

Again in 2015, (Einstein) wtcm-4879 bred 15 wtcm-2000 (E) 2nd in the 2015 Coast to Coast Race (350) miles. I was 2nd and 3rd. The 2nd place winner in the (350) Coast to Coast Race is bred from wtcm 1607 a daughter of BE 12-6032697!

I believe the 350-mile Coast to Coast Race (run by Fred Breezy) is one of the best races available to pigeon flyers in the United States. It’s a tough race course from the mountains and valleys of Ohio and Pennsylvania into the Tri-State Area. This is not a one loft race, so the pigeons must think and break on their own to be competitive in this race.

The competition is tough! The quality of the birds sent are the very best, as birds are sent in from all over the United States. The number of birds in this race is usually 1,500 to 2,000 birds. Very tough competition, where you must have pigeons that can develop fast and fly 350 miles as young birds!